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alternative to high cost boron nitride

Shell Glue

DESCRIPTION:  HYBOND 3200 is a vegetable oil carried phenolic resin adhesive manufactured for the shell molding process to produce dimensionally accurate castings in ferrous and non-ferrous. HYBOND 3200 is environmentally designed for very low VOC content and very low smoke emissions. HYBOND 3200 will reduce flashing and eliminate mold run out for both large and small surface area castings. HYBOND 3200’s melt point is reduced to allow ample time for placing cores in the mold before booking the cope and the drag.   HYBOND 3200 is adjustable to meet a wide range of application methods.


**Bond Time:

  Ship Parameters
Beige Slurry
70° - 90°
350 PSI minimum
80 - 250 seconds
Measure of time required for oil separation checked at 400°F with ten grams of material.

General properties, not specifications


HYBOND 3200 should be mixed with a mechanical mixer.  Material must be mixed thoroughly in its container before application.  HYBOND 3200’s application techniques are designed for but not limited to paste bulbs, bonding frames, templates, and pumps.

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