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Southeastern Foundry Products & Foundry Coatings, Inc. is a coating manufacturing company for both waterborne and solvent based coatings and a distributor of foundry product lines.

Our manufacturing company is a specialty coating manufacturer that manufactures both waterborne and solvent base coatings using all refractories available for both lost foam and sand coating applications; release agents for cold box, no-bake and shell; core paste; mold paste; mudding compound; and ladle kote as a non-wetting application for ladles, chutes, troughs, or any utensils that have metal contact.

We have the capability to formulate coatings to match the requirements of the customer. We will meet our customer's expectation of receiving a product of unquestionable quality when it is needed at a competitive price. Send your specifications and we will produce your product.

Our company also distributes and warehouses carbon raisers, both cold box and no-bake resin systems, ceramic forms for insulation and exothermic risers, steel shot, and paint.

We have a major commitment to customer service. With our on-line computer service, you will be assured timely and reliable deliveries with quality products to meet today's just-in-time demands.

The factory, quality control and research laboratories, warehouses, maintenance and offices occupy over 50,000 square feet with a maximum production of 60 million pounds annually. Our company also has warehouse facilities in three areas located within the United States.

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