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alternative to high cost boron nitride

 Non-Wetting Boron Nitride Coating

DESCRIPTION:  HI TEMP LADLE KOTE 800 is 100% boron nitride release designed for coating molten aluminum, magnesium, or zinc accessories. The coating which is in a slurry form can be applied by brushing or spraying. HI TEMP LADLE KOTE 800 will prevent burnon with consistent use and will extend the life of all molten aluminum, magnesium, or zinc accessories. The coating is designed to be reduced with water at the customer’s facility.

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Ship Parameters
Light Blue
34% – 37%
30° – 35°
2100 – 2600 CPS

Brookfield Viscometer Spindle 3 @ 20 RPM


Baume`: 25° - 30°
Brush/Swab Spray Dip
Baume`: 30° - 35° 30° - 35° 25° - 30°

*General properties, not specifications


HI TEMP LADLE KOTE 800 should be mixed with a pneumatic or an electric mixer.  Material must be mixed thoroughly in its container before diluting. Caution: This coating should be protected from freezing at all times. Severe freezing could cause the coating to settle out.

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