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alternative to high cost boron nitride

Alcohol Based Low Cost Graphite/High Refractory Coating

DESCRIPTION: GRAPHLITE 200 is an alcohol base, graphite/refractory coating. GRAPHLITE 200 has been formulated to substantially reduce metal penetration and burnon defects that can be encountered from light to heavy sectioned ferrous and nonferrous castings. The coating is supplied in a heavy slurry form. GRAPHLITE 200 can be applied by flow coating, brushing, swabbing or spraying.

Solids Level:

Flash Point:

  Ship Parameters
Black Slurry
74° - 78 °
10.0 Ibs - 11.5 Ibs/gallon
56% - 60%
53° F (cc)

25° - 30°

  Brush/Swab Spray Dip
Baume': 30° - 35 ° 30° - 35 ° 20° - 25°

General properties, not specifications


GRAPHLITE 200 should be mixed thoroughly before use. We recommend the use of an explosion-proof, motor-driven mixer. GRAPHLITE 200 is shipped as a heavy slurry produced to approximately 80° - 90° Baume'. If necessary, the Baume' can be reduced by reducing the GRAPHLITE 200 with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA 99%). Caution: Solvent is highly flammable.

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