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Water Based Carbon Refractory Coating

DESCRIPTION:  TROUGH KOTE 200 is a carbon based refractory coating designed to increase the metal fluidity, cool down the splinter and decrease the amount of trough blacking buildup on the troughs.  TROUGH KOTE 200 can be applied by brushing or pouring the blacking down the trough. Because of the excellent suspension of TROUGH KOTE 200, minimal settling occurs which allows for easy redispersion.  The coating is designed to be reduced with water at the customer’s facility.



Ship Parameters
Dark Gray to Black Slurry
30° - 32°
10.5 lbs - 12 lbs/gallon



General properties, not specifications


Dry Process
22° - 32°


TROUGH KOTE 200 should be mixed with a pneumatic or an electric mixer.  Material must be mixed thoroughly in its container before diluting. TROUGH KOTE 200 is designed to be diluted by the customer to its proper specification according to the application. TROUGH KOTE 200 must be torch or oven dried prior to casting.

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